The writing dilemma

I have no idea how many times have I tried to write a blog. I think I have had three blogs already, two in my native language and one in English. All failed, since I just never posted. I really have a writing issue that I still haven't been able to detect. At the same that I love writing and I hardly ever do it. It wasn't always so. Until I was about 16, I wrote a lot, short stories, poems, thoughts. And after that, for an unknown reason I just stopped. I have also always been a terrible letter/ email answerer and that also has a mysterious reason.

I decided I should give blogging a new chance. Lately, I have really felt the urge to write my thoughts, I feel that they are very disorganized and I need to put them on paper. So, why not just publish them? I have such a fear of that. I hate being judged, but above all, I hate being misunderstood. I really hate it. I've always registered blogs in different names, never really letting myself go, letting people know who I am and what I think. I have often kept my blogs in secret, not letting my friends read it nor let other people know it was me. (Ok, I will have a pen name for the blog, but people will know it is me at some point). Well, I'm getting older, I should just grow up. Yes, I'll tell you what I think. And for this reason, I will write this blog in my native language and in English, so I can get more people to read it. Not that many will. But still. I shouldn't be so scared. We can always change our minds and we can always learn from criticism. This is going to be a great exercise for my thinking.

Next post I'll tell you a little about myself, as I think my life experiences, which were quite interesting, really influenced a lot in what I thought then and what I think now. I'm looking forward to it. Will I have the courage? I sure hope so. :)

For the English speaking people: English is not my native tongue. I love English and I really want this challenge of writing my thoughts in my second language. Please forgive my grammar mistakes, terrible spelling and all that. Thanks! :)

NOTE: I just noticed that my old blog in English is still alive in blogspot. I'm surprised. I will leave it open and you can read it and see how I was doing almost 3 years ago. It will be interesting to me also to check it out :))

Clique aqui para este post em português.

Thursday, October 30, 2008