Distraction needed: Literal Video Version

Of course I haven't been in the greatest mood lately. I'm not going out, meeting friends or even staying long after class in the University. When a close relative is in the ICU, it's very hard to get your head and heart away from it. However, it's very important to try to relax or focus on something else in order to not get crazy.
I have been studying a lot lately, it really helps. But, one must also relax from its duties, right? I have many hobbies which help me relax a little, tough when I need distraction at its prime I need something light. Recently a friend showed me something I think it's totally genius. It's called “Literal Video Version”. The idea is to make a parody of a music video which actually match it. Ok, my poor English can't really explain this, so you should check it out:

There are many of those out there now. It's said that the user DustoMcNeato is the genius behind it. Not all those creations are good, but some are very fun and very smart too. Some are just plain silly, but still enjoyable. These have cheered me up (thank you, guys!):

My favorite is still the version for Head over Hells. I didn't even know the song before and now I like the original one a lot also.

Well, literal video version is a new distraction. But an older one has always been ANTM. That's right. I love that show! I think it's very funny and interesting. I also like to see the photo shoots a lot, some of them are very creative. Since I want to be in the “audiovisual” business, it's very interesting to me : )

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Friday, April 3, 2009