Living as much as one can

So... it was carnival. I don't know if any of you heard of Brazilian carnival before, but here in Rio it is something huge. It's really not for me at all, although I do find it beautiful. Some friends of mine feel the same and we ended up going to Petropolis. My family and I had left Petropolis roughly a week before and my grandpa was making incredible progress . He was walking alone, eating by himself... we were all very happy and so was he.

Well, my friends and I went to Petropolis and had a wonderful time, it was really one of those bonding moments. We are all very different from each other and yet we have so many other things in common. It was a terrific experience. As I came back, in an absolute good mood, I learned that my grandpa had a heart attack. O_o Yes, a heart attack. He was in intensive care and was very weak. My grandma was so sad and disturbed, we all were. Very soon we became the biggest crow that hospital had ever seen. His brothers and sisters were there and so were the nephews and nieces, not to mention us and his friends. All there supporting him. So many prayers from so many different believes... it's true. These hard times to bring people together, do show us who our friends are...

I think all the prayer, support and positive energy has being working. No doctor believed he would survive an Angioplasty and he did! He is doing so much better. He wants to live, he never complains that it hurts or something like that, he only says “tomorrow I'm going back home and taking you all to dinner”. The intensive care unit is kind of a sad place. Only one person can get there at a time, visiting time is so restricted... but we pray he will be transferred to the bedroom soon.

What has been bugging me is some people's reactions to all this. Some are not close to their families, so they can't understand why I'm so worried about my grandfather. We are very close and he practically helped raise me. I was always there at my grandparent's home and they are very present in my life. Another thing is that some people just think that, if you reached 80, why would you want to live more? Some talk in a way as if you don't have the right to live more. He has lived a life of giving, a generous life. If he wasn't a good person, then so many people wouldn't be so worried and wouldn't be going there to see him. Why can't he live as much as he can or as much as God allows? I don't get it. So, I reach 80 than suddenly “oh, you have already enjoyed your life” O_o No!!! I'll live as long as God allows me to live with or without medicine! My neighbor is 90 and she doesn't look like she wants to go anywhere soon! And ten years is a great deal of time! Some people have being acting like we shouldn't even pray or have any hope. Jeez...

But there are people who are supporting us greatly, even my atheist friends say they are thinking positively for him – does one believe in positive energy when an atheist? I don't know... at least it is support =D. So we have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Candomble and Umbanda practitioners and others supporting us in prayer. Even people with no religion, such as myself, have been helping. I hope he can stay with us. If he has to go... we'll be sad, but that's how it should have been. I still prefer he gets better tough. : )

Thank you to all those who have given us your support. Thank you really. ^^

Thursday, March 12, 2009