Tugan yak - Туган як

Before I hit the road to Petropolis again - By the way, my grandfather is doing much better, thanks :) - I'll add here the lyrics for the Tatar song Tugan yak (Туган як) sang by Fättaxova (Фэттахова) and mentioned in my last post. I'll write it in Cyrillic and in the Latin alphabet, however, the Latin transliteration was done by me following the rules in Wikipedia*. Hope they are not horribly inaccurate, if they are, please let me know. :)

Here is the video so you can try singing along like I do. Enjoy, I love this song:

Туган як
(Вәсилә Фәттахова)

Туган якка юл тотамын, туган як, туган як
Иң гузял газиз якка, туган як, туган як;
Җир җилякляре пешкян чак, туган як, туган як
Ашыгам каенлыка, туган як, туган як.

Талпына күнел, талпына, ашкына,
Ярсуына түз, түз генә;
Каенлыкта җиләк пешкән
Тиз үрелеп өз генә.

Чәчәкләрнең ниндие юк, туган як, туган як
Хуш исле аллы гөлле, туган як, туган як;
Бу якларга беркайдада, туган як, туган як
Хич тиңнәр булмас төсле, туган як, туган як


Каенлыкта сайрый кошлар, сайрый, сайрый кошлар,
Бер туктамый өздереп, өздереп, өздерп;
Озакламам кайтырмын мин кайтырмын, кайтырмын
Тороп булмас көттереп көтереп, көттереп.


Tugan yak
(Väsilä Fättaxoba)

Tugan yakka yul totamın, tugan yak, tugan yak
Iñ guzyal gaziz yakka, tugan yak, tugan yak
Cir cilyaklyare peşkyan yak, tugan yak, tugan yak
Aşıgam kaenlıka, tugan yak, tugan yak.

Talpına kunel, talpına, aşkına,
Yarsuına tuz, tuz genä;
Kaenlıkta ciläk peşkän
Tiz urelep öz genä.

Çäçäklärneñ inidne yuk, tugan yak, tugan yak
Xuş isle allı gölle, tugan yak, tugan yak
Bu yaklarga berkaydada, tugan yak, tugan yak
Xiç tinnär bulmas tösle, tugan yak, tugan yak


Kaenlıkta sayrıy koşlar, sayrıy, sayrıy koşlar,
Ber tuktamıy özderep, özderep, özderp;
Ozaklamam kaytırmın min kaytırmın, kaytırmın
Torop bulmas kötterep köterep, köterep.



I know translations are tricky, but if anyone could provide one, it would be highly appreciated. Thanks :)

A nice week to all of you ^^

*apparently ә should be transliterated now as really ә instead of ä. The letter ә is also present in the spelling of the Azeri language in the Latin alphabet, which, like Tatar, belongs to the Turkic language family. However, it's much easier for me to type ä than ә, if you find this too bad, also let me know. We also have "ç" in Portuguese, by the way :)

Monday, January 19, 2009


Anonymous said...

very great song
i was looking for the lyrics and i found them

Daniyar said...

Oh my God! This song was so popular 5-6 years ago... Lyrics very simple. Everything about homeland (tugan yaq) and how she loves our homeland...