Oh... the world of crazy...

so... someone decided it would be a terrific idea to start sending me Islamophobic videos on youtube... u_u` *deep breath*
do I deserve this?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


!-!eather said...

It really bothers me how ignorant people are!
They are only hurtful because they don't understand, I have to constantly remind myself of that.
Just remember that you're better than them and the whole idea of hate of any kind! :)

Xena said...

the world will never rid itself from losers like that only who they hate will change. By creating a recongnised enemy, Governments have been able to create fear and hence have a larger mandate over the people. It was the communists in the 50s, the Japanese in World War II, the Germans in World War I. Now in an age where globalisation is a powerful force, it's harder to make a country an enemy e.g No one sees Zimbabwe as a evil country only the leader Mugabe. Thats why terrorists who generally dont hold an allegiance to any country are portrayed as religous fanatics coz its harder to explain in the limited time frame of public news that religion or country politics dont really play much of a role in the actions of non govermental organisations and the reasons for committing acts of terror are wide and varied. sorry for the rant. I'm on my uni holidays hence no class where I can talk politics nor any friends or family that are interested lol.