Some long needed news

Hello dear readers!

How long has it been? Far too long I feel. I truly did miss posting and reading blogs, so much has happened.
I hope you are not all gone - lol - and I hope I can keep writing.

As I mentioned above, since my last post so much has happened around here. I went to the USA to visit my dear friend in L.A. (what a strange place that is) and as I came back I found myself in some trouble. First I will tell you about the small troubles. My computer's charger decided to quit and not work anymore. The computer I had taken with me to L.A is a very small notebook I used during my final school days. It's great for studying and traveling, but not for everyday use. Ah! Not to mention I had a terrible access to the internet while in the USA. I find it quite amusing that in two recent so called developed countries I was at - Japan and the U.S. - I had so limited internet access. It almost feels like a joke, really, that I would have better internet here at home in Brazil.

Well, we are the 7th largest economy in the world according to some sources.

Anyways, I did buy a new charger but it took ages to arrive and when it finally did... my computer decided to be mean and stubborn as saying "you left me without energy for months!!!! I don't like you!". Jeez. How sentimental...
My boyfriend / fiance (no idea.... more on that later... maybe.) bought me a lovely mac mini so that I could start editing and finally making movies. Totally getting out of the topic, I feel like I will have to expose myself much more on the web in the future since I want to show my "craft" as a filmmaker, musician and amateur "complainer".

Lastly, I haven't been well this year. I had some kidney problems before my trip and later it evolved to a stomach issue. Apparently I have some infection in the throat area that never really healed and thus my body has became very weak trying to fight it. I was unaware of this until recently and it has been a routine of multiple physical exams and trips to the doctor's office. We are still not sure what is the issue with my stomach, but I hope we will find out soon and pray to good it's nothing serious. But my kidneys keep being a major issue. Tomorrow I'm going to one of the many doctors I've been seeing. Apparently I'll have to take some very painful shots against that infection for several months. Thank God I have health insurance... but most of the little money I earn as a teacher is going to the several medicaments I've been taking.

So this is it. That's why I haven't been around. No good internet, stubborn computers and bad health... I'm already kinda lazy for writing and keeping in touch. With all this... Not to mention my current jobless situation - being a private teacher is not really as steady situation. But I'm not really complaining. I know it could be much worse, so I thank God everyday for the luck I have.

Time to wrap it up. Hope you are all well and talk to you soon. ^_^

Thursday, November 4, 2010