Freedom and Music

Freedom and Music

I can't believe it, it's over. Yes, it is. School now only in March.
It's a bittersweet kind of happiness. These will probably be my last summer vacations while in university. Next year, around this month, I'll be graduated and looking for a job or, if God permits, I'll already have one. Or I might be in Dubai. We never know for sure.
In the summer vacations I'll keep tutoring and, hopefully, I'll get a part-time job to earn some very necessary money. Things were never so hard around here. I mean... they've been. But I was too young back then and the impact of it was slightly different.
I also would like to finish cleaning up my room, give away many of my books, clothes etc. Write letters and email to dear ones and stop disappearing so much. I already disappear from people geographically close to me, imagine the ones who are far away? I also want to edit the movie we made in Japan. I just need some technical stuff and I'm set to start.
And write. I've been having a lot of inspiration for this blog, but very little courage to start hahaha. I also haven't written since I was too busy with school papers. A lot of things inside my mental rave. I've never been so outraged with life and people than now. I really need my sanity back. This weekend I heard some things which really enraged me. But I'll leave that for later.
Now it's “silly light stuff” time:

So... I love music. Many and many kinds of music. I always carry around my poor mp3 player which only has 256MB, but I love it and it's always with me. This week, in order to study and go back and forth from school, I changed the songs a little. Thing is, my mp3 player decides by itself which order the songs are going to be played in. So full of personality, the little thing! Order is Song name, singer/group/movie name and, if possible, a Youtube link so you can also check them out:

Ah, a friend just read my post in Portuguese and asked me if I could add country of origin and language spoken in the songs. Okie dokie.

1.(Take it easy) Oorvasi – Tamil movie Kadhalan. (India / Tamil)

2.Bir Tamshy Zhas – Rakhat Turlykhanov (Kazakhstan / Kazakh)

3.Eomeona! (어머나 ) - Jang Yoon Jeong (장윤정) (South Korea / Korean)

4.Kenjinakka – Tamil movie Ilavattam (India / Tamil)

5.Futaride osake wo (二人でお酒を) – Michiyo Asuza (梓みちよ) (Japan / Japanese)

6.Azëm – Rakhat Turlykhanov (Kazakhstan / Kazakh)

7.Pechalnaya – Valik Gryshko (Belarus / Russian or Belarussian?? I still don't know that and that's a problem I have with all the songs from my dear Valik Gryshko. I don't know in which language he sings. I feel silly >_< Can anyone help?)

8.Appadi Podu – Tamil movie Gilli (India / Tamil)

9.Didi tera devar deewana – Hindi movie Hum Aapke Hain Koun (India / Hindi)

10.Oh podu (also known by other names) – Tamil movie Gemini (India / Tamil)

11.Kannamoochi – Tamil movie Kandukondaen Kondukondaen. (India / Tamil) Yes, that's really Aishwarya Rai.

12.Song from a Tajik dance performance featured in Kabul some time ago (of course). I'd love to know more about it, but the information in Youtube, where I first heard it and got it from, is either in Farsi or Tajik and I can't read it :(. I love the dance too. (? / Persian?)

13.Dupatta tera – Hindi movie Partner (India / Hindi)

14.Husaine Husaine – Tamil movie Uyirile Kalanthathu (India / Tamil)

15.Bitaqat Hub – Samira Said (Morocco / Arabic)

16.Tugan yagim watanim – patriotic song from Tatarstan. (Russia, Tatarstan / Tatar) . I have a problem with patriotic songs, but this one is very beautiful and no lyrics about killing anybody like many nationalistic songs tend to be. =)

17.Iskelmä ja kesä – Tommi Soidinmäki (Finland / Finnish)

18.El leila doub – Mustafa Amar (Egypt / Arabic)

19.Kalloori vaanill – Tamil movie Pennin Manathai Thothu. (India / Tamil)

20.Avara – meyxana song from Aqşin Fateh and Elshen Xezer. (Azerbaijan / Azeri)

21.Solei – Valik Gryshko (Belarus / That problem already spoken about and not yet solved)

22.Krasavica ubitaya – Valik Grishko (Belarus / Op. cit.)

23.Çal oyna – Dilşad Musayev. (Azerbaijan / Azeri)

24.Tiffer – Ursula (Estonia / Estonian) Yeah, just kill me :P

25.I'll never be Maria Magdalena – Sandra (Germany / English)

26.I know Sella – Valik Gryshko. (Belarus / Op. cit.)

27.Kátia Flávia, Godiva do Irajá – Fausto Fawcett (Brazil / Portuguese)

28.Na vecherinke – Strelki (Russia / Russian)

29.Pegasus Genzou – Opening song for anime Saint Seiya

30.Ashwa – Natacha Atlas (hard to say... Belgium? Yeah. I'll stick with Belgium / Arabic)

31.Shubra – Natacha Atlas (Belgium /Arabic)

32.Umiyuki – Jero (ジェロ) (Well, the singer is from the U.S.A but the song is from Japan... so I label it USA & Japan / Japanese)

33.Tozainanboku Hitori Tabi (東西南北ひとり旅) – Jero (ジェロ) (USA & Japan / Japanese)

Later I comment on them. Of course not all my favs are here, it's only 256MB I'm allowed to carry. Some have to go and others come.

Talk to you guys soon! ^_^

Clique aqui para este post em português!

Monday, December 8, 2008

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Molly said...

Omg I love music, I especially love world music. I can't wait to listen to these.