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Writting is really a dangerous thing. One may read what another writes, but it's very difficult to tell if one is really understanding what the author meant. You can't read my ton of voice, nor my posture, nor my facial expressions. Besides, a lot of people don't know me, or don't know me well... Even I don't know me that well. So how can one know what am I really trying to say? I think that's a very hard thing to do. But leaving this pseudo-reflexion / paranoia aside for a moment, I'll post the list I made the other day. On this list I put the things that have been annoying me the most lately and that will most likely become the most frequent topics on this blog. It's not even complete. It was annoying me so much just by thinking about it that I couldn't go on hahahaha it's true! The list doesn't have a lot of comments on it, at least I tried not to do so or this post would be huge and so I can develop the topics as the blog goes on. There it goes:

- The problem some people have with Islam and the way Muslims are being judged, discriminated against, disrespected, misunderstood, etc. And what annoys me the most is that most people don't even try discussing the subject with Muslims nor bother to do any kind of serious deep research to understand the topic and they are already filled up with opinions and judgments! Not to mention the non-Muslims that rarely defend Muslims, leaving them alone to defend themselves... and there comes that annoying person “ah, you are only saying that because it's your religion”. Ar...

- Still kinda in the same subject, but it annoys me so much that I will put it as another topic on this list: the problem the West in general has with the Hijab (Islamic clothing). Oh, man... Wearing a veil or modest clothing is not a synonym of submission! What an over-simplification of things! I see on this subject a real lack of information and no effort at all in trying to understand things from another perspective. What about France banning Hijab from schools? Oh... I won't even start now... I need some air...

- By the way, I will add the problem the West has with religion in general. I think this is a very serious Freudian sexual issue that will only be solved through intense therapy.

- People not realizing that to understand something does not mean agreeing with it not even having to start doing whatever is in question. That's just not how it works.

- The amazing Brazilian low self-esteem which has as partner the a huge and blind pride. Both don't help at all. Brazil is not the worse place in the world (oh it REALLY isn't) and it's not the biggest wonder ever (oh it REALLY isn't). But the low self-esteem is the one which has been annoying me the most lately. You can't spend a day in this country of mine without this freaking annoying low self-esteem that usually disturbs a deeper, more detailed and realistic analyses of our problems and the solution for them.

- The non-hegemonic countries barely communicating with each other, specially lately. What is the problem? Is you leave in the backyards of the world you can only try to chat with the guys that live in that big house? Snap out of it, people! Let's stop this and start to talk more to each other, realize our problems and search for plausible solutions. There's a lot more on this topic, but this post is getting huge already.

- That we are still leaving in the 19th Century. Really. Many of the main thoughts of the 19th Century are still there partying in peoples minds like you can't believe. Man, this is so annoying.

- Nobody really wants to discuss anything. People just wanna talk blah blah blah. We have to discuss things and discuss them with people who don't agree with us without making a fight out of it. Exchanging ideas is essential, hard, but very important. And a silly Friday night bar conversation can show and develop a lot more than we realize.

- The everlasting problem of over-simplification. Example: you defend Muslims than suddenly people think you are against the State of Israel and if you defend Jews than from nowhere you pro the State of Israel. For Heavens sake!!! Things are not that simple!! The world is complex, things are complex and that's why it's so good to be alive otherwise it would just suck! However, it's not because it's complex that we have to stop trying to understand things. By the way, you can and should change your mind from time to time. It's good for the health.

- This one is silly, but it's so nerve wrecking to me: Those people who keep writing and saying “ah, I did this because I was bored / I had nothing to do”. Ar! What is it? Do you need to be entertained 24/7?? How is it even possible? A pyrotechnic spectacle daily in your backyard? What are you thinking life is about? You did because you wanted to, because you felt like it, it's just not possible that every single thing you did was done because you were bored and had nothing to do. Besides, if you did something it's because there was something to do after all, right? How did this thing come out of nowhere? And how can anyone be that bored all the time? How is it even possible? Jeez...

Uou, I'm even tired now and even had to translate all this from Portuguese. It was really tough. And I got annoyed again hahaha Jeez. Anyways, there are other 1000s of things that annoy me. These are just some of them. Will I have the guts to develop these thoughts here? Hahahaha ;)

Have a great week everyone. This is my last week in college for this semester and I have a ton of papers to write. I have no idea where I got the strength to write this enormous post.

p.s.: Just for the record: I'm not Muslim, nor Christian, nor Jewish. I have no religion. At least not one which other people belong to. But let's talk about this later. ^_^

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Monday, December 1, 2008