Today I was really into writing this post and gave it a lot of thought as I spent my day in the bus and library. But weirdly enough, as I came home tiredness won and I just couldn't. I'll just give you a briefing, but not really all that I wanted to say...

I was very sad to see the way people were treating Kim and Erin as they stated their current situation. Kim leaving Islam and Erin having doubts. I think some people were just acting the worst of the worst, Muslims and non-Muslims alike... a terrible example of how humans can be so... ok, detestable. Detestable is the word for me. I was so sad and upset.

People judge others so easily. How easy it is to judge another person, yet very few people look deep into themselves and see how they are. People make it all about them, and as I stated in my previous post... many times it's not. It's just not about you all the time. And if you think it is... the problem might be you. One should analyze oneself and try to find just what is actually bothering you so much.

In the website Muslimness they made a very nice post. A post about comprehension and compassion. Things which many people are just lacking. I really recommend reading it.

For the intolerant people out there: you give humanity a bad name. I'm so sad... truly disappointed.

p.s.: Kim closed her new blog and channel. I wish her all the best and wished I had talked to her more and sooner.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Zaufishan said...

I left ze first commentario!
As'salamualaykum, peace be with you!
I'm Zaufishan *waves* of www.Zaufishan.co.uk and Editor of ww.Muslimness.com so schyeah, danka for the link and I really appreciate your comment. It might not seem much but our little connection and common ground is what really spreads good practice and makes a better community.

I am Muslim and find myself oh so disheartened by fellow Muslims and myself because our emotions regarding our faith can sometimes make us 'very apologetic' or downright 'superior-egotistical'. Too imbalanced.

Thanks a million for your support, I'd love to promote your site on my personal Facebook page for Shameless Promoting of Awesome Websites Day. (I'm weird like that).

Peace & respect.

Anonymous said...

This is the words she wrote on councilofexmuslims

-----"Don't get me wrong, I still respect Muslims. Islam was a big part of my life for quite a while. I simply disagree with Islam, for if there is a God (yup, 100% Agnostic now), He/She/It would not be so desperate for worship. People say "you need God, He doesn't need you". Doesn't seem like it.

I'm so happy with my decision. I feel free... I can wear what I what, I can drink again (I missed intoxication), and I can live my life without worrying what foot I enter the bathroom with and whether I have prayed yet."

she doesn't believe there is a God

Odna said...

@Anonymous: and what's your point with that?

Anonymous said...

shes back with her kimdonesia blog.http://kimdonesia.blogspot.com
to me I thought she was just too young to understand she even said her self she had followed many religons from wicca to christianty. i dont think one should publicise ones early ventures with religion as they become role models and leaders for the religion. its just harder to convince people youve changed your mind on certain things. I like her new entries less angry