A few facts about me

I have two followers now and that makes me very happy! Thank you, Heather and Zaufishan! By the way, thank you, Zaufishan for promoting my blog on your Facebook. I still think readers will take a long time to come and stay. But let's not get our hopes down. ^ ^ As I might have mentioned sometime a long time ago on this blog, I was going to add some facts about me. So here we go:

Internet nickname: Odna Draug. (Yes, my nickname has a last name also lol There's a very long story about this nickname and I would have to write a post about it. I tried to changed a few times but it was hopeless as some people in my real life also call me Odna. Yes, I'm aware it means “alone” in Russian . More on that later.)

Other online nicknames: I have some which are a secret. I'm a bit of a paranoid. But I came out on youtube. My nickname there is “Karkimannar”. No, no real movies there yet.

I'm 27 years old. I'm Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, born and raised ^ ^. I live with my mother in Rio de Janeiro. It might sound weird for some, but here it's quite common for people to live with their parents for a long time, especially for economical reasons.

I studied in two different Universities at the same time finishing one first and then the other. I graduated as a Film making major in 2005 and I'm graduating now as a History major. The University system in Brazil differs greatly from the one found in the USA.

I'm a private teacher as a part-time job. I teach German, English and Portuguese for foreigners.

I love languages! It's one of my biggest passions! I speak Portuguese – my native language ^ ^ - English, German, French and Japanese – none of which I speak perfectly lol. Although the last two ones are my worst, I'm conversational in both. I'm studying Russian at the moment and loving it! I've studied Arabic, Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian, Korean and probably something else but it never evolved. I have a list. I'm a freak like that.

I'm a nerd.

I have many hobbies. Some include studying, reading, drawing, writing, singing, internet and video games.

I also love cooking and usually the cook around here. I find cooking very relaxing.

I have no religion, but I'm very spiritual and I care a lot about my beliefs.

I'm crazy about purple, green and black. However, I do love all colors it's just I prefer those three ^ ^.

I hate green bell peppers. Hate them. It's the only food I truly hate. Don't give me that! Noooooooo!

Give me kimchi every day. I loooooooove kimchi.

I have a cooking blog in my native language, Portuguese called Viagem Culinária.

I've lived in four different countries including my own: Brazil, Germany (Lemgo), USA (New York City) and Japan (Osaka). In Germany and Japan I was a scholarship exchanged student with hosfamilies. I also spent two weeks in Riga, Latvia, in 2002 with a wonderful host family.

I was in Manhattan in September 11th 2001.

I worked in a restaurant in the Trump Tower as a coat checker. It's almost an anthropological experiment.

I love the world.

I'm a Film maker. I've directed three (very bad) short movies and participated in several independent short films and documentaries. This is my dream and I hope I can become a full time Film maker soon.

I'm also an amateur singer. I was in a band but we are in a hiatus. I hope to come back soon as I'm passionate about music. Our music was very weird and experimental as we all are very eclectic. Nowadays I sing more lyrical and enka.

People in real life think I'm very talkative and extroverted. But in reality I'm very shy, insecure and self-conscious. I'm trying to overcome that tough.

I'm very opinionated and have been feeling like... I'm not expressing myself well and/or enough lately. It's probably because I'm not brave. (I won't say a “coward” because it's a bit much, no? Hehehe ^ ^') Although I do love discussing so I can learn more and more everyday. I also have a tendency to talk to people I don't agree so I can understand their points of view. .

My favorite season is autumn.

I'm addicted to coffee and mineral water.

Weirdly enough I'm a day person outside and a night person at home. Meaning I get sleepy very early when I go out but if I'm to stay home I go to bed very late for no reason what so ever.

I'm terrified of dogs. I'm not against dogs or hate dogs, I'm just very afraid of them, especially very little dogs. But I've liked dogs in my life a lot. I think they are adorable... and somewhat scary.

I love food. Loooooove food. I have many favorite foods.. hard to make a list.

Anyways, that's a little bit about me. Hope it covers for now... it was actually quite hard to think what to write about! I probably forgot something essential! LOL!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


xena said...

lol. i get your thing about dogs. I love animals but am terrified to touch them so far Ive only held cats and rabbits. I dont why. its so weird. I even wanted to be a vet but backed out of my uni interview coz im too terrified to touch them.

Odna said...

LOL you wanting to be a vet cracked me up =D

I really understand you! They are cute... but scary :) I've holded dogs and that was interesting. Somethings I think each dog has a personality making it possible to like some and not love all, like humans lol

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I also love languages! More of the Semitic and African variety though. We also have a very similar interest in Islam. I think if we lived close we would be good friends :-)

Sissym said...

Now, my new friend, i am here too! Cheers! and thanks again!