A job! A job?

Hello all, how are you in this lovely Sunday?

I'm sitting on my new computer working a lot. I'm editing the movie I told you about in the last post and I hope it will turn out at least ok. I think the material we gathered is very good, but we are having trouble with the sound are other issues.
Anyways, remember I said I had no job? Weirdly enough, less than 24 hours after I wrote that I got a job! Ok, it is not the greatest job ever and not the one I really wanted, but it's a job, right?
I'll be working at a very nice bookstore very close to where I live - about 10 minutes on foot. The pay is terrible - as it usually is for "part-time" jobs around here, but I've always enjoyed that store and thus I'm excited about it. I'll start tomorrow and work nights which is not so bad since it's so close.

Hopefully you are having a wonderful Sunday ^_^

Sunday, November 7, 2010

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Xena said...

congratulations on your job. working at a bookstore is awesome.