One of those days... which turned fun in the end.

Of course I never meant to write a "this is my every day life" kind of blog, specially since I don't show this blog to many friends so I really have no idea who would be interested in knowing what I've been doing LOL But first, today was one of "those" days and secondly it is a good writing exercise for me, I guess / hope =D

So today would be theoretically my training day at my new job at the bookstore. 8 in the morning I was supposed to go to a clinic for an "entrance's exam" O_o. I think it's a needed practice here when you start a new job. I found it rather silly, since the only things the doctor asked I could have just filled out a form... I don't know, maybe it's important. The fact is, I arrive there punctually at 8. I open my bag after giving my id to the attendant and realize I hadn't brought my book with me and thought " Oh, well, this will be quick, right?". I see other future co-workers coming in (I know that because you have to tell the attendant the company you are being employed at) and she doesn't call me. Suddenly she tells me I'm not on the list and therefore cannot be examined. She calls the bookstore but the PR just opens at 9. "My book! Why? Why I didn't bring my book?". So I stay there watching Patch Adams on TV getting super cranky. Have you people seen that movie? I was hating it. I didn't see the beginning nor the end (thank you. God!), but as far as I watched I hated it. Ok, Robin Williams annoys the heck out of me and I could only enjoy him in Mrs. Doubtfire and The Birdcage. Still, I felt something was just wrong and silly about that movie. I had read before about the work of Dr. Patch Adams and it seemed a lot more... "serious" (for the lack of a better word) as portrait there. Anyways... it might also be that I would much rather be reading my dear book.

So I leave the place at 9:40 (!!) and head to the bookstore's headquarters not far from the clinic nor from my home. I have breakfast at a little cafe. Sitting there was a very loud about 60 year-old woman speaking on her cell phone. Impossible not to hear her. "And so I want to make a cultural trip to Italy, y'know. I want to understand why they have the best food in the world, the best museums and all that, y'know". Italy has the best food in the world? Really?... Hmm.. I really think that it's up for a LOT of debate. I don't think any cuisine could win that one. And she went on and on about her trips and how she spent about 2000 dollars shopping in Paris last summer or whatever and I'm heading for my minimum wage little job.

Arriving there we would have to go to the bank and open an account for our salary, even if we already had an account in that particular bank *points at self*. I'm not even going to comment how idiotic I think that is. Anyways, there was some power trouble at the bank and their system went down. Results? We could not start today since we could not sign our contracts without that account. Oh, the joy... I even forgot to mention that I had to run home and get some other documents they forgot to tell me I needed... 20 minutes walking as fast as ever in the "summer is coming in the tropical city" sun.

As I arrive home, the pharmacy calls me. They wanted to tell me how much would the two medicaments my doctor asked me to buy would cost. I almost fainted as she told me. I tried calling my doctor to make sure I REALLY need those, otherwise I'm not going to pay that. Sadly I couldn't reach him. Let's try again later...

But what was so great about this weird day in which very little worked out? I really liked my future co-workers. They are very funny, pleasant intelligent people and I had a great time with them today. Strangely, all the odd things we had to go through together at the bank made us chat a lot and get to know each other a little and ended up being a lot of fun.

In the end, I was pleased. And tomorrow we will be finally trained and my movie will be - hopefully - finished.

Have a great week, everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010