Feeling blessed

I was going to post about things that have been annoying me lately. I even wrote it down on a piece of paper, as I had no computer near me, so I could publish it here later.

But I won't do that today.

I'm so happy today. I felt like I was blessed somehow. And instead of a post full of rage (lol, ok, not really rage. Let's say "potentially negative") I decided to share with you my experience.

As I wrote last post, I had an accident. It wasn't really serious, but it surely could have been. I felt so stupid for hurting myself like that, for being careless. Accidents happen, I know. Still, it was hard. The doctor said that just a few inches and I would have lost the eyesight on my right eye. I would also have lost it in case I had not rushed to the hospital like I did. Nevertheless, I was so so grateful. I felt pain, headaches, felt stupid, ugly, sad. But so grateful that I could see. I pray everyday and since the accident I've been thanking so much for being so lucky. But that was not really the part I wanted to share.

Today my grandma went with me back to the hospital to remove the stitches. I was very nervous and I knew I would find very unpleasant when they removed the stitches. As I left the room with my grandma I felt so different. I realized how much the stitches were bothering me, how much it actually did hurt and I felt the immense relief. And at that moment I noticed how we take things for granted. We think we will always be healthy, that everything will always be there for us. Just the simple act of seeing is such a blessing. I felt so blessed, so lucky that nothing really happened. That I could still see perfectly, that I could just close my eyes without feeling uncomfortable. Just blinking normally... I never realized how wonderful it is. I sobbed at this realization. I know it may sound corny, but that’s really how I felt. ^_^

I was also amazed in how the eye is healing by itself so quickly. It got hurt, it was cut, and now it heals. What a wonderful and amazing thing the human body is!

God, thank you so much for this experience. Thank you for making me appreciate these things.
I’m very happy today. Really happy. ^_^

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Thursday, November 20, 2008