What to start writing about... and the tale of the hurting eye O_x

At first I felt like I should start this blog by telling a little about myself and my life story. Afterwards, I felt this would be very difficult to do without becoming either too long or too boring. I think I'll end up giving anyone at least a glance about myself as the blog goes on. I don't know. If I feel it is getting too confusing I might try to write about my life.

In fact, I would love to start writing about the things that bother me so much, the ones I told you in the first post I really needed to talk about in order to both feel better and organize my thoughts. I think my thoughts lack organization and this feature affects a deeper reflection about my thinking. Ok, I started sounding confusing. See? I need organization! =D

I also want to write about silly things. About things I like, enjoy doing...
But where do I start? I think I should just start. But there's so much to say, I'm confused. I could make a list of the things that have been bothering me the most lately. And I'll do it. But first, let me tell you about my right eye.

Yes, my right eye. Yesterday, trying to fix something around the house before leaving for school, I had a little accident. The screwdriver's handle ended up hurting my right eye. It was hurting a lot and soon I saw the blood. My first reaction was to try finding a hospital with an ophthalmological emergency that would accept my health insurance. As soon as I found one, I withdrew some money from the ATM, got a taxi and off I went. There, the doctor told me I would have to go through surgery and get some stitches. Stitches inside my eye. I almost fainted. I didn't even know that existed!
I was alone, so I called my stepdaddy. My mom would have had a heart attack, so I called him first. He came to meet me and soon I was going to surgery. No real anesthesia. I could see it all. I mean, there was no pain involved, but it was very uncomfortable. And the area I hate the most to touch is the eye. It wasn't a nice feeling.
Anyways, I went home looking like a pirate. Today I went to hospital again, this time with my mom. They removed the bandage and now I look like a B Horror Movie. My mom looked and got so scared. When I went to the mirror to see I almost cried. I know it will not look like this for long, and my vision is perfect again, thank God. But it's very scary. Really scary...
Next week I'll go back there to remove the stitches. My vision is fine, but it's still so uncomfortable, I can actually feel the stitches... I'm sad, to be honest. I thank God, however, that I'm fine and that I can see perfectly.

Ok, take care you all. I'll write again sooner than I did =D

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Heidi said...

ANA, NOO! that sounds awfulllllllll!! i hope you feel better soon!! I'm so happy you can see, but what made this happen??