Chrono Trigger and the Weird Weather

Just a few days ago I restarted playing my dear Chrono Trigger for Snes. I just heard there will be a release for Nintendo DS. I can't wait, hope I'll have money for it. Chrono Trigger just makes me happy.

I think the first time I played it I was around 13 and it has been one of my favorite games ever since. I've been really down these past days, I caught a cold and I have far too many papers to write for school. The weather is scaring me around here. It's almost December and it's cold. Some of you might not get it, but it's almost summer here. Or at least it should be. I love cold weather, but when it's supposed to be cold! Hope the Apocalypse will take longer. I haven't finished Chrono Trigger for the 10th time yet! ^^

Will I survive those papers?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008